Verdades Ocultas

Laura Flores (Marcela Medel) is a good-hearted woman, who has two daughters: Rocío, seven years old and Rosita (Carmen Zabala), three years old. Unfortunately, due to her situation of extreme poverty, Laura has no choice but to sell her youngest daughter Rosita to Rodolfo Mackenna (Osvaldo Silva), a successful upper class entrepreneur who owns a chain of restaurants. Rodolfo goes to look for the girl while both were alone in the house, making Rocío believe that Rosita was stolen by him, so that he never knows the truth. This will cause that from that moment Rocío bear with the pain of having lost Rosita and the guilt for not having been able to do anything for her sister while she saw how they were taking her. In the case of Laura, she will live with enormous regret and pain for having sold her daughter.